Cooperation with the World Top 500 Enterprises, Build of Hi-tong Railway Electrification Transformation Project

In 2023, in the field of rail transit in China 

After winning Hezhou high-speed railway project in China 

Recently IFE Elevator cooperated with the world enterprise and the world brand double 500 

An important member of China Railway Corporation Limited 

-- China Railway Electrification Bureau Group 

Jointly build Jitong Railway electrification transformation project 

IFE’s high performance and high capacity GRACES series public transport 

Comfortable and convenient JOYMORE machine room-less traction model 

Build efficient and safe travel scenarios for high-speed railway stations 

Supporting Jitong Railway in ushering the "electrification era "


Jitong Railway Electrification Renovation Project 

China Railway Electrification Bureau Group 

It is the national team and main force of China's electrified railway construction 

The newly invested and built Jitong Railway electrification transformation project 

It is an important railway trunk line in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region 

The total length of the railway line is 923.66 kilometers, with a total investment of 12.628 billion yuan 

After the completion of the electrification transformation project 

The annual freight volume of Jitong Railway will increase from 36 million tons to 80 million tons 

The full operation time will be shortened by about six hours 

Through cooperation with China Railway Electrification Bureau Group 

IFE elevators will further enhance its influence in China's rail transit field



IFE Elevator & Global Rail Transit

In the field of rail transit 

IFE elevator has won numerous national-level pilot project at home and abroad 

The $14 billion Los Angeles Airport project 

The Belt and Road project -- Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway in Indonesia 

The "Belt and Road" project - Male International Airport in Maldives 

New Delhi Metro, India -- 100 meters super span sidewalk project 

Khalasa Airport, Australia 

Metro lines 3 and 7 in Mumbai, India 

Philippines LRT2 orbit 

Johannesburg International Airport, South Africa 

Kuwait International Airport 

Hezhou high-speed Rail project in China 

It will further enhance its influence in China's rail transit field


High-quality products empower

IFE elevators has obtained many national rail transit projects, which are supported by product strength. For example, in the Los Angeles Airport project, IFE elevator won the bid by virtue of its safety factor of heavy-duty escalator, which was twice higher than the ASME standard. The win of Jitong railway electrification transformation project is also based on the excellent performance of IFE heavy-duty escalator.

IFE tailor-made GRACES series of heavy-duty escalators, large height escalators carrying large capacity, vigorously improve the efficiency of China's high-speed railway stations; The strength of step and skirt plate is much higher than the national standard; The safety factor of the step chain is over 8 times, ensuring the safe operation of the elevator. In the future, we will continue to develop more competitive rail transit products to enable the modernization of rail transit.

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